I’ve decided to start regular video messages and I’m calling these Kitchen Conversations, They’ll be filmed in my kitchen.

The first one is focused on why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, and you can watch the video via this page.


I’ve also posted a number of other articles:

  1. Why I’ve set up a 50Plus Coach Company Page on LinkedIn – http://www.the50pluscoach.co.uk/the-50plus-coach-on-linkedin/
  2. Is it ever too late to follow your dreams – http://www.the50pluscoach.co.uk/follow-your-dream-is-it-ever-too-late/
  3. How we change – http://www.the50pluscoach.co.uk/how-we-change/
  4. and DJ Sumirock – http://www.the50pluscoach.co.uk/dj-sumirock/

I hope you enjoy the video and find something of interest in the other articles.

Till next time, Denise

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