I was born in 1957 but age is just a number. Few of us will have a conventional retirement, loving (and living) life is much more fun. I love adventures and want to continue to grow and develop. This is me, solo traveller in Nepal. Loving meeting local people.

I’m a Chartered Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society, I specialise in Careers and Assessments. My main website is www.amazingpeople.co.uk and you can read more of my career related services there, aimed at people of all ages. If you want to learn more about my career history, visit my LinkedIn page and while you are there feel free to connect.

I want to focus on helping men and women over 50 to make effective life and career choices so that the rest of their life is their best life.

I work with people with the energy and passion to want more, to feel fulfilled and to have the life they want. It doesn’t have to be a traditional path, you could opt to be an associate, contractor or have a portfolio life. You could plan for a life without paid work, whatever works best for you. And no choice is forever, we can change at any time.

I’ve gained a strong reputation for working with people of our age group. I’m the Author of Find Work at 50+ and was a guest speaker at the 50+ Show (London and Birmingham). I’m regularly featured in the press (e.g. Saga Magazine) writing on issues affecting people like us including careers, goal setting and healthy living.

Before the Covid changes I enjoyed going to gigs both local and further afield. 5 gigs in a week was my record! I love to spend time in nature, both walking in the hills and also spending quiet times in woods. I’ve taken up bushcraft and started wild camping. Nothing better than cooking over an open fire, and I smile as I dance in the rain!

In July 2019 I did a Vision Quest, a life changing experience that included 4 days and nights on a solo fast –  no food, basic shelter and time to contemplate what was important to me in life.

I love to travel I want to properly experience different cultures and create lasting memories. To celebrate the start of my 60th year I travelled around Australia, in 43 nights I slept in 33 beds, and saw a lot! New Years’ Eve in Sydney Harbour was a “once in a lifetime experience”. I also faced my fears and did the Harbour Bridge Climb.  Turning 50 I backpacked in India over both Christmases and did a camping safari in Namibia for my birthday adventure.

Book to work with me

A first session lasts 1 hour and includes preparation exercises, the session is recorded, and relevant follow up material is provided, (and the fee is £165). Further sessions are £100 for 50 minutes. Want to have a personalised programme to support you with a transition? You could save money by booking blocks of 4, 8 or 12 sessions. Yours to take at a pace to suit you.