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One To One Support, And Group Programmes Are Available.

Sometimes we need to be able to talk with someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the outcome.
I can help with different areas. Whilst I’ve listed these as separate areas there is overlap.

We can’t talk about your career without considering your wider life. Retirement planning can include whether to work past a conventional break from your employer, and for some how to spend their new-found time.


You don’t need to stay on the same career path. You have many options, what is right for the person you are today?

Career Reinvention:Are you unhappy in your job and know there must be something better? I have the expertise to help you decide on the career change that will be right for you.

Career Review:Just like a car MOT or a dental check-up, you can do an annual review, interested in learning more?

Thinking of setting up your own business:A fresh start, a side business or a way of generating some extra income. I can help you develop your ideas and make it happen.

Job Search support:can cover CVs, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching etc.


You want support to create the life you want. It could be to get more balance into your life, to have support to meet health and fitness challenges or something else. In my 50s I set myself a goal to get fit and healthy, and lost over 10 stone of fat, and I’m keeping most of it off.


You aren’t sure when or how to stop working, and aren’t getting the support you need from your organisation.

We are all different, some people want to fill their days with volunteering, courses and tennis lessons etc. Others find that they spend most of their week as an unpaid child minder and whilst they love their grandchildren they would like more time for themselves. Others may want to renegotiate their relationship with their partner. If you both stop work, you should both share the household chores!


Pre-retirement seminars, tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. Ask your organisation to get in touch to discuss.


You want to learn more about the person you are, how to best make an impact, and live a life in line with your values. Be ready to review your assumptions and beliefs and create a future to inspire you.


Work with a group of people like you, focused on a life review. Ask to be on the list for first notification. I can also set up a small group event for you and your friends. A 2-3-hour event at your home so we cover important areas in a relaxed atmosphere and you and your friends can then support each other with your goals and choices.

Let’s talk

We can schedule a 20-minute initial consultation to enable us to find out more about each other. Use my online scheduler to arrange a convenient time.

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A first 1 hour session includes preparation exercises, the session is recorded, and relevant follow up activity is provided, and the fee is £165. Want to have a personalised programme to support you with a transition? You could save money by booking blocks of 4, 8 or 12 sessions. Yours to take at a pace to suit you. Subsequent sessions are £100 for 50 minutes.