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Pretirement is the new retirement

Before preretirement. Once upon a time you worked hard and were looked after by your employer. In exchange for loyalty, you reached 65 (if a man) and received a final party, gold watch or clock. And access to your index linked occupational pension and state pension. You were now retired and could relax following a life of hard work.

But the story has changed.
The index linked pension days are over for most people and retirement age has changed. Most significantly for women. If a few years older their state pension would have started aged 60, its now matched with men, currently at 66. Many of us need more money, our pension pot won’t support us for 30 years or more.

But there are other changes too.
Back in 1962, life expectancy in the UK was 70.93 years, and by 2012 it had risen to 81.5 years. With 5-10 years left after working we were ready to rest but now? Do we want a conventional retirement?

In our 60s, many of us still have good health and we don’t feel old! We aren’t ready for a lifetime of leisure. Whilst this is true for many people in office-based jobs, clearly if you have had a manual job you might be feeling your age and ready to stop. People such as postal workers, plumbers, and medical staff can be physically ready for a break. But this might not be a forever break. After a year or so you may be ready for something else, just not more of what went before. It could be volunteering, or it could be back to work.

There are also family changes. With people having children later you could still be responsible for children well into your 60s so it’s essential to stay working.

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