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Welcome to my new subscribers. I write around issues affecting those of us in our 50s and beyond, helping us to make the rest of our life our best life.

I love music and dancing and last weekend was spent at Wychwood Festival – headliners were The Buzzcocks, OMD and The Levellers and lots of other bands to listen to as well. I wear a Fitbit and did over 20,000 steps each day. This, along with sleeping in a caravan lead to Monday feeling jet lagged, so tired. I still feel young, but my body tells me otherwise.

Tuesday, I was in Northampton for a Pre-Retirement Seminar. I love getting involved with these, and encouraging people to take a broader view of how their life will be. I often wonder if I should offer a webinar version of this to my subscribers, so if this may be of interest let me know.

I also spent a half day (on Thursday) with Hannah, getting new photos created for my website. She took my last ones and one of the things I like about Hannah is that alongside being a great photographer she also does hair and makeup. I’m waiting for the finalised prints and will be getting new ones up on social media next week.
This past week I have written 2 blog posts

Phenomenal at 50
I went to a bloggers event in London, for Tena and I’ve written a blog post on this. It was called Phenomenal at Fifty and I was invited due to my reputation of writing about issues affecting those of us who are 50+. You can read the post here.

Lump Sum – Save or Spend
At Pre-retirement seminars, I work with a financial advisor who promotes the need to invest money and save. My husband, Simon reached 60 in October 2015. Want to know what we did with his lump sum? Then read this post:

… and if I can be of help with you, perhaps you want to talk through some changes or plans around careers or your wider life then get in touch.

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Till next time, Denise Taylor

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