We’d like to invite you to a day in London as you are one of the Phenomenal Fifty women. How could I resist.

Living out in the country it’s a bit of a trek to come into central London, and the train got delayed so I was a little late, but after a glass of champagne all was good.

I learnt lots more about Tena Lady. I think most women know about the company, but is it for us? I had always thought it was for other people, but I learnt that nearly 50% of adult women have worries over possible leakage and the product is great for increasing confidence.

It’s not just pads, but pants, and pretty ones too. TENA Lady has collaborated with Ceri Williams, a professional lingerie designer who works with some of the world’s top fashion brands, to design a fashionable and feminine new look for TENA Lady Pants Discreet and they look and feel lovely.

The day was good. We started with a presentation along with more champagne. I got to meet some other Phenomenal Fifty bloggers

@BBEndDate, @Fighting_Fifty, @TheLavenderBarn, @AlisonJaneReid, @madmumof7, @fabulousmissk

Phenomenal Fifty

We then had a talk on confidence building through personal style and image lead by Ursuline Edwards-Sutton. We learnt more about colour and the importance of a capsule wardrobe.

Before you buy anything follow the 3 rule. Ask yourself

  1. Will it go with 3 things already in the wardrobe?
  2. Can it be accessorised in 3 different ways?
  3. Can I wear it to 3 different events/occasions?
  4. Could I wear it for 3 years and will it still look acceptable?

We all shared our best feature and had lots to say.

We also learnt that too many of us waste money by buying clothes

The wrong colour 50%
Doesn’t flatter us 10%
Doesn’t fit well 10%
Doesn’t accessorise well 10%

Over a life time we can spend £100k on clothes and 80% of this is wasted. With that £80K we could

  • Buy a holiday home
  • Go on a 1st class round the world cruise
  • Buy a Ferrari

After lunch, and more champagne we discussed this more, and then got ready to go for a pampering session at Duck and Dry.

Phenomenal Fifty

And I left with some samples and goodies

Phenomenal Fifty

Want to know more of the product? Here’s the site and you can get free samples. And they have other products too, including for men.

I put them to the test over the weekend.

I went to a festival and as usual I was down at the front and bouncing up and down. A real test! All was good and I bounced higher, often I’m a little subdued as I want to be careful. So, would I recommend? Yes, I would.

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