Imagine the future. In this week’s Kitchen Conversation, I have a thoughtful exercise for you. Please watch the video to be clear on what I’d like you to do. I go into much more detail than the notes here.

In brief, it’s to imagine the future and to imagine the life you will have

  • Where are you living
  • What are you doing
  • Who are you with
  • How healthy are you

If you close your eyes you can imagine the future, imagine what your future life will be like based on either your current life or based on changes that you want to make.

And as you are looking 20 years (or 5 years) ahead, as you imagine the future, you have time to make some changes if you don’t like your future. What do you need to do to maintain your weight, and keep your friendship circle? and whatever else you want to do.

This is a good way of planning for our future. We can drift, but it’s good to have a plan and the imagine the future we are likely to have

Watch the video for a deeper discussion and let me know what you think

And you can watch earlier Kitchen Conversations using this link

Till next time


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