Rethink Retirement – Leisure

Kitchen Conversation

Leisure Activities – hobbies and interests.

We often don’t have the time for these, especially if we have a demanding job, get home after 7pm, have to cook a meal. In this video I get us thinking about how we may like to spend our leisure time.

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Rethink Retirement – Work (Part2)

Kitchen Conversation

This is a series of videos where I get us rethinking about retirement. This time it focuses on work Will you work for the money or is more meaning important to you? Watch to get my ideas on what to consider.
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Weight Loss Diary week 3

Good news, I have lost 4 pounds this week through measurement of food and so brisk walking.

Watch the video for my update. And thanks for watching, it is keeping me focused.

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Going Grey – Embracing our natural hair colour, part 2

This is the second of a series of posts as I share my transition to embracing grey my natural hair colour. Read the first post here

This was me 6 weeks on and just back from a cut and blow dry. I’ve changed hairdressers and used to pay 116GBP for a colour, cut and finish. Yes, it was an expensive hairdressers but this time it was only 27GBP. The money I’ll save over a year will pay for a holiday – yey! I’m saving 89GBP every 6 weeks which is 771GBP per year and would have cost even more if I’d switched to foils.
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The Sandcastle List

You know of the bucket list the list of things you want to do often places to visit before we die. But there is also the Sandcastle List. I first heard of this on Doctors (daytime TV show, one of my guilty pleasures). This is a reverse bucket list.
instead of writing about things you’d like to do, you write about things that you’ve already done/ already achieved, and that you are proud of. This becomes your Sandcastle List.Continue reading

Embrace Grey -part 1 (A kitchen conversation)

Kitchen Conversation

I’m going to embrace grey – my natural hair colour

Since I was 19 I’ve coloured my hair first henna, later full on dye from the hairdresser. I wasn’t grey when I started, but as the grey, my natural colour came through, I needed to colour more frequently. I was up to every 4 weeks, and still had to use a root spray in between as well.
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Looking Back from the future – A Kitchen Conversation

Kitchen Conversation

A little exercise to share. You could be 95 and looking back at 75 and thinking about how young you were back then. Here we are, at whatever age we happen to be think 20 years into the future. It seems such a long time away, but lets just imagine we are thinking 20 years ahead from where we are today, and thinking about the life we are having. I think its useful to think about
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Pre-Tirement – A Kitchen Conversation

It’s changed – no longer the clean break with a gold watch! Now most will be fit and healthy into our 80s. Do we want to retire?
I talk about the phase called Pre-tirement. Maybe when your work pension kicks in you can do something that you want – another job, a different job, volunteering. You can stay and work on your terms, 3 days a week.
It’s not fixed you can reduce hours, combine with volunteering. It can be what you want.
What sort of retirement do you want? Retirement is not just lazing around the house – people do get bored and want something else. It’s good to start thinking around this in advance so you don’t end up lazing and watching day time TV.
I think pre-retirement planning is worth considering in your 40s and 50s. Don’t drift what do you want to do?
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