This is the second of a series of posts as I share my transition to embracing grey my natural hair colour. Read the first post here

This was me 6 weeks on and just back from a cut and blow dry. I’ve changed hairdressers and used to pay £116 for a colour, cut and finish. Yes, it was an expensive hairdressers but this time it was only £27. The money I’ll save over a year will pay for a holiday – yey! I’m saving £89 every 6 weeks which is £771 per year and would have cost even more if I’d switched to foils.

Going Grey
Just back from a holiday and I thought I’d published this article on the journey to grey before I went – seemed to have been left in my draft folder. So watch the video below from 17 January, 10 weeks on from the photo above.

People decide to embrace their natural colour (grey) for different reasons. For some it’s down to the faff and time involved, it could be the money (there could be better things to spend the money on), it might be to decide against putting chemicals on your head or you may decide to be more authentic, or it could be a combination of all the above. It may well be the red car syndrome (when you decide to buy a red car and see many on the road) but I’m noticing many articles, blog posts and Face Book groups all focused on this. I’m also noticing that most women of my age are now blond, as the new growth of grey doesn’t show as much.

This is really a woman thing, my husband never felt the need to dye his grey hair, and of course he just looks distinguished!

I’m pleased with how this journey is going to grey and will post again in a few weeks time. I’d love to hear your experiences too.

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