Leisure Activities – hobbies and interests.

We often don’t have the time for these, especially if we have a demanding job, get home after 7pm, have to cook a meal. In this video I get us thinking about how we may like to spend our leisure time.

As we think of life after work, we may be like some of the people that I work with on Pre-Retirement Seminars. They tell me that they don’t have time for hobbies.

I appreciate this, and it can make us wonder what we could do. To help I ask people to think about what they have done in the past. Could they start again with a hobby they have done in the past?

Sometimes people think they won’t be any good at something, but should that be a reason not to try? Children keep trying again as they learn to walk, write etc. So I think we should practice and enjoy the process.

It’s also worth trying out some new things and to see if any of these interest you. What would you like to do – really like to do?

Any ideas for what you would like to do? I’d love to hear from you. Do share below.

Published On: March 16th, 2018 / Categories: Kitchen Conversations, Retirement /

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