Transitions – I’m passing through two of life’s major transitions moving home and separating from a partner. Both transitions can lead to stress and overwhelm. The end of a relationship especially can lead to strong feelings sadness, guilt and more.

If I look back over the past months I haven’t stopped. There have been deep discussions, counselling sessions and the never-ending task of downsizing a home, along with finding somewhere new to live. There is the stress of will anything go wrong with the sale and purchase of a property, are you making the right choice, will the furniture fit!

For several days on from moving day all I did was unpack and sort. It was hard to sleep there was so much to do.

I needed a break. And I’ve got one!

As soon as we exchanged contracts I booked a holiday for my Mum and myself. Were in Corfu for a week. Staying in Roda, at the top of the island on a B&B basis.
The holiday is very good for me.
We cant go on for ever even when I think we can.
We need to stop and recharge.
We need to recognise transitions.
Holidays or clear breaks are needed for good mental health.
So, I’ve switched off for several days. We flew out on Sunday and this is the first day I’ve opened my laptop (Friday).

I like the way this marks a transition between my old life and the new. A time to rest, and time to recover. To regain my mental health.

It’s also a time to reconnect with my Mum. I haven’t been on holiday, just the two of us for well over 30 years. I’m laying down some more memories and creating nice ones for her. She had never been to Greece and we are talking about another holiday Italian Lakes? later in the year.
I’m also able to think about my new place an Apartment in central Cheltenham. Rather than rush into buying things I can think about what I actually want. I’ve had both bedrooms painted whilst away. This was such a great idea. All is done while I’m out of the place and I can spend my first day back putting things back but in the right place.
With moving I needed to get clothes in the wardrobe quickly. Now I’ll be able to sort my wardrobe and group clothes together and have another think do I really need all the clothes? I think I’ll do the being minimalist trick of having hangers facing the wrong way and turning around as I wear them.
I’m also thinking about my kitchen, and how to store things, on reflection the plates were in the wrong cupboard and it will be easy to change when I get back.
Time now to enjoy the rest of my holiday, and think of my life to come.

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  1. Tough times. Give yourself lots of small treats over the coming months and look after your health. So much stress can end up making you ill. Have a great time on the rest of your holiday and enjoy putting your wardrobe back together.
    We’re moving house too and I’m doing a really big lot of sorting out. I’ve managed to make visible a small square of concrete on the garage floor after taking loads of boxes of books to a charity. Still sorting but getting there. I’m looking forward to be being more free of clutter, although can’t say I can get down to the real minimalist lifestyle.

    • I think the decluttering/sorting is going to be a long event. I can’t just clear everything, but bit by bit I’ll only have stuff I want. My first decision is to only put suitcases under my bed. I was surprised at what I found that I didn’t even know I had. Definitely focusing on my health. Best wishes, Denise x

  2. Aw so sorry youve had a difficult time but you can only look forward now I get so much from your blogs youre a source of inspiration Ros xx

    • REally pleased you like my blogs – onwards with my new life!

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