Why I have dental Implants

I have paid for dental implants, and wanted to share the reasons why I chose to invest in this dental procedure.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

Experiencing teeth loss is not an ideal scenario at any age. Simple, everyday tasks such as biting an apple, enjoying your favourite meal or smiling for a selfie can cause discomfort and unpleasantness due to lack of teeth.

However, in long-term there are more serious consequences to lack of teeth that can lead to significant changes in your oral health and the way your face looks.
Over time, the jawbone will start to naturally shrink in the area where the teeth are missing, which in long-term, can cause for a persons face to start losing shape. Skin, lips and cheeks will start to cave in and droop, giving a saggy look and more wrinkles will appear. Additionally, lack of teeth will cause improper distribution of the biting force, which can leave a negative impact on oral health.
This video shows exactly what happens to a persons face after longer period of time:

Missing Teeth Treatment Options

There are several options for restoring missing teeth, such as dentures, however, dental implants are currently considered the best alternative for teeth restoration.
This is what I chose for me, with problems with a crown, and a gap I discussed having implants. Yes, they are at a cost, but spread out over the rest of my life it was worth forgoing a holiday to focus on my health.
Making sure I’m unlikely to be in this position again it also encouraged me to enhance my oral care.
There are several reasons why dental implants are better than dentures. Dental implants benefit of a natural look and feel as each dental implant crown is created specifically to match the aesthetics of the patients smile. They are more stable, comfortable and durable than dentures, as well as, if treated properly, can last a lifetime.
Some of the before and after dental implant treatment results are uncanny and barely show any difference between real teeth and dental implants.
Whilst it is best to maintain a proper oral health, if you have missing teeth and you want more security than with a denture, dental implants are a great way to avoid living with missing teeth for an extensive period of time.

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