Creativity is vital to thrive as we grow older.

What impact does that have on you? Do you see yourself as a creative person or do you think you lack any signs of this?

So let us look at some of the key suggestions from an article by Stan Goldberg – Four Creativity Strategies to Recharge an Aging Brain

First, creativity does not mean being an artist. We don’t need to produce a work of art. Adapting a recipe can still build new neural connections.

When I run Pre-Retirement Seminars, I talk about this, and lead a discussion where people talk about what they could do to keep learning dancing, playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language or a new skill – painting, knitting, chess, car maintenance, poetry. All help to develop more neural pathways.

We can also notice things, so instead of listening to music passively, we can notice the change of chord.

The article makes some helpful suggestions for being more creative in daily life.

  • Instead of driving to the park the same way each day, to throw a dice and drive a set distance before travelling there. And not using your satnav!
  • Stop the TV every 10 minutes and make a prediction of what happens next. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong.
  • Start some artistic activity. It could be whittling wood what appears as you make a few cuts?

Any of these activities will take time to master. So be like a child and don’t be afraid to get it wrong. We don’t say to a child as they learn to walk to give up, they tried and failed. No, we give lot of encouragement, and that is what we need to do for ourselves.

This was written to inspire, so has it encouraged you to make any changes? I would love to know. Feel free to write below.

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