6 August

I’ve spent 4 days at the South Cerney Steam Rally. We have a classic car, an Austin A35 and went with the group so there was a good number of cars on the stand. I love our old car and lots of people like looking at these old cars. For many of us it takes us back to childhood. My dad used to have an A30 which is why we bought this car. What’s nice about events like this is everything else you can find. There was a field with people’s collections – such as milk bottles, younger people won’t remember the daily delivery. Whilst it still happens around Tewkesbury, I don’t think we have a delivery in our village and like most people we buy 4-pint containers from the supermarket.

7 August

I was at the Podiatrist today. I don’t know about you, but I have what I call manky toe. Discoloured toenails on 3 of my toes, and something quite common with older people. I’ve used virtually every ointment and treatment and none of them work. I found out about some laser treatment, and whilst expensive it has been working. I always feel it is so unfair that I don’t have pretty feet. Not only the toes, but a bunion, and a hammer toe. I’ve worn sensible shoes all my life and this seems so unfair. I also have wide feet which I think may be because I used to be very fat, and my feet spread to hold the weight.

14 August

Just back from the gym and I love the way it makes me feel. I focus while I’m there, following the programme Emma created for me. For me, an hour is enough, I don’t want to spend hours there, nor do I want to pull/damage something and end up with an injury. I can’t stop noticing others. The young people spend so much time on their phones and I’m sure it’s better for our bodies to keep going, not have such long rest breaks. Today I noticed a couple of people, both looked older than me. I share characteristics with the man – a focus on getting on with it, but the woman. We couldn’t be more different. She walked slowly to collect some weights and there was no focus on her inner core. You must have seen people who don’t stand tall. She was standing with no control over her tummy, not a great look at any place but especially not in a gym when we should focus on our inner core!

18 August

I’m at a dance weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the classes today. It’s been a while since we were at a dance class. Ove been concentrating on my swimming, but it’s good to be back and I love to feel the music. But it does tire me send we should have gone to the dance this evening, but I’ve got a bit of a pain in my foot so taking things easier tonight.

28 August

I haven’t kept this diary as up to date as I intended, sometimes I forget. I never really made it a habit. Other times not much has happened, but tomorrow I’ll be 60 so this diary will stop, and I’ll start afresh like the 1st day of a new year. We are in Croatia. I like to be away for my birthday, and this is a small group trip sailing around the coast. It’s quite active and I’ve been swimming, kayaking and lots of walking.
So the last of this series of posts and a new one will start after my birthday.


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