As I age –Turning 60 older, wiser and finding myself

I started a diary on 1st January, then put it to one side. Would people be interested in what I have to say? But I’m a writer, I’m a career coach, and seek to inspire people to make the rest of their life, their best life. So here I am.
Back on 1st January I entered my 60th year. It seems so old, like many I don’t feel my age, people tell me I don’t look my age, and I seek out adventures.
I was in Australia. I was coming to the end of a 7-week holiday as the start of my 60th birthday celebrations. I’d planned to go to Australia some time and I loved the idea of seeing this year in on a small boat in the exclusion zone in Sydney Harbour, watching the fireworks.

On 30th December, I’d done the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. This was a big adventure for someone scared of heights, but it was very safe and the views were amazing.

Earlier in the holiday we’d spent 3 hours kayaking in Adelaide, not a gentle paddle but a full-on hike equivalent with young adults. We kept up but it was knackering!

1st January 2017
It’s the start of my birthday year. This is the year I turn 60. It used to seem so old, but I’m generally fit, and certainly enthusiastic for life. I’m in Australia, we’ll have spent over 6 weeks travelling and by the end of our holiday I’ll have slept in 33 beds in 43 nights. That’s not the behaviour of an old person!


Many people wait till they retire before they travel but too many find their health has deteriorated or they just don’t feel up to it. Even worse their life partner may have died, and they don’t want to travel on their own.

2nd January 2017
A 6 mile walk from Cougee Beach to Bondi. I’m so glad I chose to do it this way, Bondi is my treat, my reward for this walk. And it’s been an active walk and it’s certainly not been walking on the flat. I hope to walk into my 80s and beyond, less pressure on my knees and hips to running or some of the things I do in the gym, and it’s nice to be outside, in the fresh air.

3rd January 2017
I’m reflecting on our holiday, we did a lot of walking, and we have both enjoyed being active, but I should have included some down time. I had a few days with nothing planned but I soon filled these. But Australia is a long way away and we wanted to see as much as we could. I’ve not only focused on the big places, but also the small. I have always enjoyed spending time in small towns and doing everyday things – drive along and stop for coffee. It’s not just about the big sites!

I don’t think I’m going to notice changes in this year, it’s a slow process, but I will notice thoughts and feelings and I will write these down.

Only now, in July, am I thinking it would be good to share, so this will be a regular update. Do let me know what you think.
Till next time, Denise

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