You know of the bucket list?  the list of things you want to do often places to visit before we die. But there is also the Sandcastle List. I first heard of this on Doctors (daytime TV show, one of my guilty pleasures). This is a reverse bucket list.

instead of writing about things you’d like to do, you write about things that you’ve already done/ already achieved, and that you are proud of. This becomes your Sandcastle List.

Watch the video and then read more on The Sandcastle List below


This is such a good idea it’s all about gratitude and being happy for things we have done from exams passed, fears overcome, spending time with people etc.

I’ve already been thinking around this and back in April I wrote a blog post on the Mini Bucket List a list of little things that bring joy such as

  • spending an hour talking with a friend
  • getting up to watch the sun rise
  • a walk in the country or at the seaside

What do you think? Would you like to make a list of things that you have already accomplished, things that make you feel proud and give you joy? To create your own Sandcastle List?

What I like is that it makes you appreciate what you have already done, and the more we remember and savour our positive memories, the easier it is to recall happy memories in the future.

I’ve read that creating a Sandcastle List can be like a retro festival = reminding us of good experiences from the post gigs we went to, people we met a greatest hits collection of our memories.

I think a Sandcastle List is also helpful when it reminds you of things from the past that have dropped off your priority list and you start up again. Perhaps you loved dancing but stopped going to classes, why not start again.

If I think about my achievements I cover things to do with work promotions, taking on jobs people thought no one would succeed in; health losing well over 10 stone in weight and keeping 80% off for more than 5 years; having 8 books published, being paid to write for major magazines and appearing on the radio; facing my fear and walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge; travelling to Punta Gorda in Belize, where my Grandmother came from.

I’d love to encourage you to create a Sandcastle List, and I’d love to know what you list feel free to share on the blog, or email me privately.






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