I’ve been asked if I would like to go on adventure with TENA.

I’ve got a ticket for myself and my husband to visit Go Ape, as my Tena Adventure. We will be there on a nice day. I’ve always been scared of heights, but after climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in late December last year I’m up for doing it this year.

I expected to get a voucher in the post. I hadn’t expected a box of goodies. Look what they sent me.

Along with this box I got a pack of TENA Lady Pants Plus which go unnoticed under clothes. These can be useful to so many women, as bladder weakness is more common than many people think. 50% of women experience it at some time in their life and can be deterred from hobbies. these pants are 100% tailored for women, they are breathable, discrete and comfortable enough for everyday use. I’ve had a good look and I like the feminine design, with a narrow waistband, neat leg cuffs and a soft peach finish. They will be perfect for added confidence when I visit Go-Ape.
For my Tena Adventure I also got:

Mindfulness Jar

This is amazing, The rustic jar contains one mindfulness activity for each day over a month and I’m looking forward to trying this out. Today’s activity is Mindful Waiting.

Adventure Note Pad

I love nice nice books, and it always feel special to write on good quality paper. with a holiday coming up soon it will soon get some use as I keep my holiday diary. It’s lined, comes with a bookmark and edged in gold. I must take a nice pen with me too!

YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick
Apparently red lipstick inspires confidence in 40% of women, I need to see if I’m one of them!

I also got a bar of chilli chocolate – already eaten and a Chilly Bottle which I’ll be able to use on my Go Ape day out.
I’m looking forward to my Go-Ape Tena Adventure and will be posting an article when I’ve faced my fear!

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