Whilst many people have a balanced life, others have focused on work. So here is some retirement advice for workaholics.

Some people enjoy their job, they get great feedback from colleagues and the job is very much intertwined with who they are. They tend to avoid any discussion on retirement with a plan to work till they drop. These people could be classed as workaholics people who find it hard to disengage from their work.

But should they? And what if circumstances mean they must retire? Without giving this change of life any thought it can be particularly hard for them. So, read some retirement advice for workaholics.

If you know that work is the centre of your life, here are some things you could do now to help with your future life changes.

Retirement advice for workaholics 1: Think about who is important to you in life
It could be a parent or your partner, consider do you spend enough time together? If a tragedy occurred would you have regrets.

Maybe you need to prioritise spending time with your loved ones?

Retirement advice for workaholics 2: Take a broader view of life
If life is basically work, eat sleep, you need to think wider of life. What would you like to do? It may be less about adding activity, and more around taking time just to be. You can work towards a full work free day to spend time with loved ones, walking in nature, reading a book. If a full day seems too much, then aim for a couple of hours and work up to a full day. You can then think about what you would like to spend time on, it could be a hobby, it could be health related, it may be to spend time with friends.

So what would you like to do with a spare half day?

Retirement advice for workaholics 3: Are you living a healthy life
Many of the people I know who work long hours don’t eat well. They grab a ready meal and wolf it down and have too many stimulants chocolate bars and coffee. Look to your diet and lifestyle and identify a couple of small changes. You will probably find that you work better too if you take time for a 30-minute walk at lunch time each day.

What small steps can you take for a healthier life?

Retirement advice for workaholics 4: Visualise your retirement
When the time comes to leave full time work what will your retirement be like? It may be that a gradual transition will suit you best, so you could move from a full on 5 day a week job, to 4 days, then 3 and perhaps to then take on a less demanding part time job.

Start making a note of the things that you would love to do if only you had the time it could be learning a foreign language, a return to painting what would you love to do.

And if you would love to take some time to focus Retirement advice for workaholics on you, schedule a time to talk.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina from Pixabay

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