“I’m retired and need a job said Valerie. My pension isn’t enough but who is going to want to employ me? Dig deeper and the real problem was not what she had to offer (lots of useful skills and experience) but her self-belief.

If we are retired and need a job, our beliefs can affect our success

if we are retired and need a job, and if we think we are too old, then others will agree. But if we think of ourselves as vibrant and energetic with marketable skills and an ability to get on with others, then what’s not to like about employing us?
When we are retired and need a job, it helps to remind us of what we can offer, the skills we have learned and our personal qualities. We need to use our imagination to be successful in job search, through visualising ourselves succeeding, just like professional athletes do before they focus on winning the race. This helps at interview stage but also in all aspects of job search. We need to tell ourselves and believe that we will enjoy the process of looking for a job.
We must move from saying to ourselves

  • Who will want me? I’m too old. I worked for 28 years in the same company, and that’s all I know.
  • I’m older than the interviewer and all the other candidates. They’ll never hire me.

and change this to

  • I have a lot of skills and experience to offer. I’m up to date with technology and still look good, or I’ve got some great experience that an employer can benefit from.

If we are retired and need a job, first question is “What do you want to do?”

I’d love you to think wider than getting a job in the big superstore or more database management because that is what you have always done. This could be your last job, what would you love to do? It might be to get involved with a start-up, adding some grey-haired gravitas and your deep business experience, or working in a high-end fashion boutique you love, knowing you can relate so well to customers of a similar age. Go on … write down what you would love to do and keep writing ideas. Only then add some realism, but your dream could be possible, and if you don’t know how to make the move you may need some external help.

Practicalities for when you are retired and need a job

Create a 21st Century CV.
Job search has changed dramatically. When you are retired and need a job you need to use 21st century techniques. No longer do we include the objective statement focused on what we want. Instead, you target your CV directly to how you match the role. You also need to identify the key words and make sure to use these within your CV as much shortlisting is done by technology. Long cover letters have been replaced by shorter e-notes, again focused on a marketing message rather than deep blocks of text.
Don’t shout about your age.
You don’t need to include dates on your CV but also tone down the 35 years’ experience to 10+ years’ experience.
Come across as young and vibrant at interview.
Both in your application and at interview, make it clear that you are comfortable with using new technology. If you are not that confident, get on a course to get familiar. When you get to interview have ready to share examples of how you have responded to change and worked with people of different ages. Make sure your clothes, hair and makeup are up to date.
Shout out about your experience and what more you can bring compared to younger candidates. Being realistic, you may have to apply for jobs at a lower level than you have previously done particularly if you have been out of work for a while. Interviewers may worry if you highly qualified that you will get bored so you need to have thought about this and how you will address this at interview. Talk about what you have achieved and how you can really add value to the job and the company.
This article has focused on some sound advice for anyone who is retired and need a job.

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