Do you have something that you loved to do when younger, but somehow life took over.

Now is the perfect age to rediscover a lost passion.

I’ve always loved music. I moved to London at 16 and was out at gigs almost every night, watching live music at bigger venues (Marquee Club (where I lost my hearing for 2 days listening to the Groundhogs play standing next to the speaker stack) and Hammersmith Odeon) but also at the pubs, following one particular band Scarecrow and going to my local pub Windsor Castle in Maida Vale regularly too.

But you move on.
You stay in more.
There is work, and family commitments.

I still bought music and went to some gigs. But it was more of a treat going to large gigs, bought months in advance and travelling to Birmingham, Cardiff and even London or Manchester depending on the tour dates.

Changes in my life and I’m now living in Cheltenham, just 10 minutes away from a great pub The Cotswold Inn that has free entry to gigs at the weekend. I’m close to the Frog & Fiddle too.

I also joined a Meetup group Band Buddies, and alongside other venues in Cheltenham I’ve travelled to Stroud, Gloucester, and a fantastic little pub in Miserden The Carpenters Arms.

It’s taking me back to good times aged 16-18. But I’m different. With more confidence I’m talking to the bands. I now go up and chat and tell them I enjoyed their set. If I’ve been looking forward, I will go and chat at the beginning. Its easy to talk and they like to know that I’ve come especially to see them. I sometimes ask them to sign my albums, and even a set list last night. I’ve gone to a gig on my own. It is easy to talk with people when you have common interests.

This past week I’ve been to 5 gigs, which is a bit of a record, and bought 5 albums and high quality downloads of 3 more.

  • Saturday Albino Tarantino @ The Prince Albert, Stroud
  • Sunday Chris Helme/Mark Morriss/ Nigel Clarke @ Marr Bar, Worcester
  • Wednesday Daria Kulesh and Marina Osman @ The Carpenters Arms
  • Thursday Charlotte Carpenter and Alessi @ The Prince Albert, Stroud
  • Friday – Pinup/MeMe Detroit and MHTH @ The Cotswold Inn

I’m making good friends, people who share my passion for music, but also friends I can talk about other things with too. But a shared love of music is a great start.

So, music is my thing. What about you? If there is something you loved to do why did you stop? Could you start again? Do you have something that moves your soul? Do tell!

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