It’s changed – no longer the clean break with a gold watch! Now most will be fit and healthy into our 80s. Do we want to retire?

I talk about the phase called Pre-tirement. Maybe when your work pension kicks in you can do something that you want – another job, a different job, volunteering. You can stay and work on your terms, 3 days a week.

It’s not fixed you can reduce hours, combine with volunteering. It can be what you want.

What sort of retirement do you want? Retirement is not just lazing around the house – people do get bored and want something else. It’s good to start thinking around this in advance so you don’t end up lazing and watching day time TV.

I think pre-retirement planning is worth considering in your 40s and 50s. Don’t drift what do you want to do?

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Published On: October 30th, 2017 / Categories: Kitchen Conversations, Retirement /

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Denise Taylor

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