We look at celebrities in the media and in magazines and they always look beautifully made up. We know they don’t look like this all the time, we’ve seen the candid photos in Heat Magazine, but still, we compare ourselves and wonder why we don’t look that good.

Some of it is down to professional makeup, and also to photoshop, all images can be enhanced.
So we can look good if we too have a professional photo shoot.

What reminded me of these was that a week ago I had some new photos taken for my website. I have new business photos and here is my shortlist of photos to be used in any publicity and for my profile pic online.

I love the way that the lighting, makeup and hair styling has really brought out the best in how I look. Not bad for someone nearly 60!

I highly recommend getting professional photos done for use on LinkedIn and for whenever you may need a business photo. I’m getting better at doing proper smiles, I never liked showing my teeth so tended for the more enigmatic approach, but these look so much better.

Too late I remembered I wanted a photo of me laughing – I really should have written down what I wanted, so Hannah found this for me.

Retro Photo Shoot from 2015

A couple of years ago Hannah took some photos, that time with Simon as well. We were very much into the retro look so had some photos taken as if we were in the 1950s. I love the way that we look like we are set in the past.

Photo shoot

I also had some more ‘boudoir’ type photos and I’ve been wondering whether to share these photos, or not. In the second one you can see I’m in a bullet bra, but this is no different to being in my swimwear on holiday. I have some racier ones too, but I’m keeping those to just me and Simon!

So why not look into getting some professional photos done, but also you might like to think of a package to include hair and makeup.
My photos were taken by Hannah @ Betty Nor Photography

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