When to start online dating? My personal trainer, Emma, says right now.

She says I need to get my profile on one site, and to be proactive and send messages, she said that it’s a great feeling to see messages and start engaging. Other people are telling me to be more cautious and to look to meet people in real life, but isn’t online where most people meet nowadays?

I am in the process of separation and the last thing I’m thinking about is getting back on the dating scene. I’m more interested in making friends and getting involved in activities. I’m pleased to have started to volunteer at The Playhouse Theatre as its addressing these points.

Once I’ve moved I’ll check out the Meet Up groups in Cheltenham.

But in both cases I want to put my best self forward and I think my sister is right. My hair is looking a mess and whilst I thought this was the right time to go through the process of allowing my natural hair colour to come through I’ve now reconsidered.

What I’ve found is that whilst I’ve got some silver coming through at the roots and temples, underneath my hair is still very dark. So, I’m going to put this idea on hold for a few years and a couple of weeks ago had my hair coloured.

A different hairdresser and a different colour, this time we’ve gone for winter shades and more colours rather than one colour. So here’s my new hair style what do you think?

I’m sure I’ll think of online dating in the future and will provide some updates, but for now I want to use my energy on being me and getting ready for the move.

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