Too many times when I talk with both men and women over 50, they seem proud of their lack of technical confidence. But many of us at 50 and beyond embrace new technology. We have famous role models such as Susan Wojcicki, 50, CEO of YouTube and Ginni Rometty 61, chair, president and CEO of IBM.
We all need to consider how the job is changing and how we need to adapt. I remember 25 years ago when Directors had their emails printed out, dictated a reply and their secretary typed it out. When a new technology comes pout it is easy to leave it to younger colleagues, but the ability to use social media effectively is a requirement of many jobs now.

Of course, it is not needed in all jobs, but when you apply for a job people expect to find you on LinkedIn and may want to see the articles you curate via other platforms. Many vacancies are now requesting a video application, showing capability with video creation and an ability to demonstrate confidence and communication skills.


Have a presence on LinkedIn and fill in the detail. Get some endorsements and start following companies you may want to work for. Share a status update at least weekly, it could be to share an article. Need more help consider my LinkedIn course?
Choose the right social media platform to suit your work. This could be Instagram if you work in fashion or design, or Twitter if you create ideas in your work. Maybe even publish articles via Medium to share your opinions.
Pay attention to what other people in your department use. Listen in to their conversations and ask for advice. If new initiatives are being introduced volunteer to get involved.
Keep your skills updated. Take some short courses and say yes to new assignments. Show you are able to stay up to date.
All of this will help you keep marketable, and if I can be of help. Please get in touch.

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