It’s mid-week, time for my regular newsletter. I’ve been busy. Partly with client work but also with changing over to a new computer. It’s always a big job to get things set up properly. I keep all my passwords safe, well most, and of course the one I’ve lost is now so old that I can’t get it reset so looking to ‘work around’ rather than spend over £100 on something I may not need.

My new computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro. I spend too much time looking at mails on my iPad and then again on my PC and it gets worse when I’m away for a length of time. Now I can use it as a laptop but also use a docking station so I can use it as a desktop too.

I’m leaving early on Friday for a weekend music and science festival – The Blue Dot Festival, which is held at Jodrell Bank. the weather looks like it will be wet so raincoats and wellies are ready.

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Since last time I’ve got 3 articles up on my blog

  • Over 60, don’t want to retire what can I do?
  • Job search at 50+ finding a job when you should be retiring.
  • Career Reinvention – fire up, don’t retire,

Finally, a quote to get you thinking

I hope you find this of interest, till next time
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Chief Inspiration Officer, the 50Plus Coach
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