Getting ready for retirement

I’d like to talk about retirement, some people have no choice but to carry on working beyond 60 or 65 but will it be the same work that they did before? How will you be Getting ready for retirement?

I’m working with one client; lets’ call her Helen, and she plans to move away from what she has been doing to something new. She is also going to change locations. So, there is going to be a lot of change. I want to support her in getting ready for retirement.

When I used to run Pre-retirement courses, I’d discuss with people that it was best not to make too many changes at once and also to give careful thought before moving to the seaside or the country, away from people you know.

Helen plans to move near family so she will have people close to her that she knows, but she will be away from her friends, people she has known for years.

So, there will be feelings of loss in 2 ways – leaving behind the job she has done for 25 years and also friendships and the organisations she belonged to.

Helen has planned a sensible approach to getting ready for retirement. To move to part time working for 6 month so she can gradually move away from the job, and then to have some new ideas she can pursue to enable her to continue to work part time once she makes the move.

I do think that retirement preparation is important covering a range of areas, from finances to family to interests.

It’s also thinking about what is right for you. What sort of retirement do you want to have, how much time do you want, and perhaps need to spend at work but also how else do you want to spend your time?

It can be easy to fill your time with ‘good work’ and there are plenty of people and organisations who will want you to help them, but also think about time to do some of the things you never had time to do before.

Maybe you will find it helpful to think about the retirement you want and then you can make sure you get it.

Can I help with getting ready for retirement? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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