I’m no longer reading women’s’ magazines. Yet again seduced by the offer of getting 3 issues of a glossy monthly for 1 pound, I signed up for 3. My mum likes them but WHAT IS THE POINT. Too many articles focused on looking good, expensive clothes and ads for expensive skin care.

Too many plays on our insecurity.

Many articles focus on women who look great for their age. Good Housekeeping has an article on Davina McCall. I read something recently on Carole Vorderman. There are numerous actors, but it is their job to stay within accepted views of beauty. And who is it that says we need to conform to a stereotype anyway.

Does it matter if I look my age?

Young for my age, older than my years? Is that really the most important thing about any of us? Surely more is about character, and values. How we are with other people, how we make small changes to the world.

I’d rather be praised for my intellect, and things I’ve done rather than be told I look good for my age.

Online dating sites are rife with people who tell lies. I dated a man who said he was 5 foot 5 but was a good 2 inches shorter than me without his shoes on. Men whose photos are 10 years out of date, and of course women do it too. But you will meet in real life, and then you will get found out. What is the point?

I may carry more weight than younger, have more lines, but I have lived my life. I have learnt things, been to places, which helps me have interesting conversations. Surely that’s what people want deeper on the inside.

I also have become more fearless I start conversations with people I meet, and people seem to like it. I go to places on my own, and sometimes it is easier than being with someone, you only have to please yourself. And I don’t want to not do something just because no one else wants to.

My spare money is better spent on enjoyable experiences than buying expensive potions and makeup. I did get sucked in when newly single and bought a lot of highly priced makeup. But really, I have much better things to do with my time than contouring. Of course, that’s right for me, and if you love your make up, go for it. Do it for you, if it gives you the confidence.

I’m proud to have reached my age, 2 months short of 62.

And getting older is something I’m thankful for. As I learned of another death yesterday, not everyone is so lucky.

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