I share an exercise. Looking back on your life.

Whatever age we age, look 20 years in to the future and think about the life we have. Where are we living, what are we doing it’s worth spending time imagining what life may be like in 20 years.

Your thoughts may be based in the life you have now, or changes that you are going to make. You may not like the way the future is going to go. You can see yourself as more over weight, without any friends, still in a job you don’t like. Or retired and you don’t have any money.

If 20 years is too far ahead, maybe just look 5-10 years. If we have a goal, there are things we need to do now. What will you do – to maintain the weight, or to change a job?

Published On: September 20th, 2017 / Categories: Kitchen Conversations /

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