As we move on in life there may be thoughts of retirement, but we let them pass us by. We want to continue working, but maybe to do something different.

It could be a new job with a new company, but it could also be to work from home, to go for a more flexible approach to work. Maybe to work part time rather than 5 full on days. This is something I love the flexibility of working from home.

For me, I can start work at 06.30 and work hard for 3 hours. Then move on to exercise and personal goals.

I like to be able to go to the gym in the day when it is more quiet, same with going to the cinema in the afternoon.

I can then choose to work into the evening if it suits me, depends on what I’ve done in the day, and my evening commitments.

With my work, clients schedule appointments via my online diary, and then my writing work creating articles, creating CVs and my LinkedIn makeovers can be done when I choose.

What makes me good at this work is my ability to focus. I don’t get distracted by household tasks nor the needs of others. If work must be done it gets done.

If you like the idea of working from home, you need to find out more.

1. Will you be expected to work office hours, but you are saving the time spent on the commute?
2. How will you stay in touch with your work colleagues, and how will you be kept in the loop?
3. Have you a quiet space to work so you won’t be interrupted, and you can keep any work safe. It can be hard to work on the dining table when it’s also needed for meals and family tasks.
4. Will you be measured on results or will it be time spent, can you work in out of office hours if it suits you?

It’s also worth thinking a bit deeper, to think about the content of the work. It could be a time to look at a new career, or to find some other work that you could start doing, home based that will make good use of your strengths and experience.

The summer is a good time to reflect on the work we do, how happy we are, and to get some steps in place to make a move. If you would like the flexibility to work from home, maybe it’s worth finding out more how it could be done with your current employer.

And if you need help, let’s talk

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Published On: July 12th, 2018 / Categories: Career, Retirement /

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