Many of the people I work with are unhappy in their job, they are counting off the years to retirement. Some want to be able to retire and take it easy. For others retirement is going to mean working for themselves or a portfolio career.
If you have a vision of a different life in the future, you could make a start on working towards this future now. This could be the time for your Career Reinvention

Here’s some helpful tips for a Career Reinvention.

You can start to plan today
You don’t need the detail, but it will help to have a vision. How do you want your life to go next – to work less, to change careers, to do more volunteering and/or work less.
This may be a good time to identify your options and to find out more about how these may work for you? It could be something that you do on your own, but It can also be a time when an experienced career coach will help.

Play to your strengths
The more we are clear on where our strengths lie, the easier it is to make career choices, so make sure you play to your strengths – if not now, when?

Know your success criteria – hint it’s probably to do with values
When young we may focus on money and status but is that really the most important reason to work for you now. Take time to understand your values and use these to both choose an option and to drive your life and career decisions.

Talk with people who have gone through a Career Reinvention
People will help you, both people you know and friends of friends. They can help you to identify where you want to go, and to tell you about openings that might be of use to you.

Get financial clarity
Don’t wait till a few months before retirement to realise that the figures don’t add up. Work out how much you are spending and where you can make savings. Do you need the gym membership, buying expensive coffee and cake each day etc.
If you are going to seek a Career Reinvention – make a career move, or set up your own business, everything will work out better if you have some savings you can call back on? This could be a good time to set up a regular savings account.

Take consistent action
Planning your future is not a full-time job, but it works best when you take regular progress and move forward towards your goal. Finding out more can help you to realise that your plans have changed. Or can confirm exactly where you want to go so you set up a blog to raise your profile on a topic.

Believe in you
and have someone to believe in you. In life, whether you think you can, or can’t you are right. So, expect to enjoy the process of career reinvention and the chances are you will. But sometimes it helps to have a guide, so a career coach will help you as a sounding board to think through your decisions and provide relevant guidance as needed. Family and friends, or a support group, can also offer you the emotional support you need.



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