People of all ages can struggle to get another job. When we are out of work, and need a job NOW, it is even more difficult.

When we are very committed to an outcome it comes through, people can feel and hear your desperation. It is when we want anything that we need to step back from the outcome. Same for people desperate for a relationship and going through online dating.

I read articles about people who have struggled to get a job at 50+. People who say they have applied for hundreds of jobs, applying for 20+ a week. Several a day.

I want to tell them to stop. I know that they will be taking a sheep dip approach. Not personalising their application. Not being focused on the job they want. Relying on jobs that are advertised.

Recent articles talked about a man with a long CV I expect he goes back 30+ years and it probably isn’t focused on the job he wants, with lots of talk of duties and responsibilities not achievements pertinent to the job he seeks. Indeed he says that when people see his date of birth it probably makes people think he is too old so why is he including his date of birth, it is not needed, and don’t include dates on education and go back more than 20 years of your employment history.

Much of the problems are down to poor job search technique and an attitude that doesn’t support your goals.
Yes, there is ageism, but see this as a nudge to work smarter. There are many organisations that go out of their way to take on older people Nationwide, McDonalds, B&Q are well known but many others too.

You need to show how you add value and not to rely on 30+ years’ experience. Most of it is probably out of date, or you have the same experience 30 times over

Have the confidence to go for a job and to show how you add value.

Not all jobs are advertised online. Use your people skills to find people who may know of vacancies and can make an introduction or to make a direct approach yourself. I cover many ways to do this in my book Find Work at 50+
But also make sure that your CV and LinkedIn are stellar, both should be focused on the job you seek.

Need more help? My book Find Work at 50+ has lots of tips and hints and practical advice.

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