We are now in June and I want you to have the best summer ever!
You know sometimes summer catches up on us, we don’t really realise that it is happening and we drift.

I want you to think about what is it that you want to do?

You know people will be on holiday, and you will be on holiday. What is it that you need to do in advance of a holiday to make sure that your time on holiday isn’t spent thinking about work tasks and that when you return from your holiday you don’t lose that glow from all the tasks that need immediate action?

For the Best Summer Ever – what can you do about work-related things?

But are there other things that you want to do?

If you want to make sure that you read more, or walk more, or spend more time with a certain person, or family, then how are you going to make sure that you do that?

Maybe this summer you want to make sure that whenever we have nice weather, that you have the time to lay in the garden and just relax.

Here is a link to a leaflet – Best Summer Ever for you to fill in about gathering information and ideas on what will make this year the best summer ever.

I think it can be quite useful to imagine it’s the 30th of September. We are thinking about Autumn now, and to think back, and to think – you know what, that was the best summer ever? And why was it the best summer ever?

So, if you can think about this and what will make it so?

Here we are, at the start of summer, and you can start writing, 3, 5 or more things down and these are the things that you want to do.

I thought this was a good thing to do.
I’m going to start making my list, and I hope that you will too.
I’d love you to share. I’d love to hear from you.

5 Questions to have your best summer ever

  1. What are your NEEDS this Summer?
  2. Ponder; What DO you WANT and What DON’T you want? (e.g., adventure, relaxation, family time, nature, creativity)
  3. How will YOU RELAX and recharge your batteries?
  4. What will you do for FUN?
  5. How will you maintain the crucial BALANCE between what you WANT and what you NEED to do?

What is the first action you could take now to get out there and create your best summer ever.


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