As we move on in life I think we need to focus on both maintaining and developing strength, through weight bearing exercise but also to make sure we are flexible.

I’ve had a rethink of my weekly activity it was brisk walking and weight training. A change of gym has led to me trying new classes back to Zumba, which I love and Body balance and Barre Fitness which are new, and Body balance in particular is challenging. I’m not used to Yoga moves.
Its worth making some changes.

Swimming is good and I’m now doing open air swimming Sunday during family time which was fine as there are lanes for swimming, but it was noisy. This morning I went to the early morning swim and it was lovely. People were focused on swimming, and it was peaceful. I’m going to make this part of my routine.
I’m a slow swimmer, my technique has improved but I keep my head up, rather than properly submerging. I love measurement, and the first time I swam 8 lengths, on Sunday I did 10 and today 14 lengths. Its a 50 metre pool so that’s 700 metres! I’m going to work up to 20 lengths, and aim for this 3-4 times a week.
After my lesson I went for my regular session with the chiropractor. I’m recovering from a tear in my back, from many years ago and flared with all the activity with moving home. He was impressed at how my back has improved, and I should keep doing what I’m doing.
Staying fit and healthy is important to me, and I’m sure important to you too. If you find fun ways of doing this do share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

This is a follow up to my post Time to shake up your exercise routine

Image by Daniel Perrig from Pixabay

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