My decluttering is going deeper, and I’m reviewing everything that doesn’t add to my life. Do I really need a Kindle and an iPad (with the kindle app)? I have taken so many things to the charity shops or sold them and with each item I feel a sense of lightness. It’s a very good feeling. I’m comparing everything I have to my sister who has moved a few times recently, so she hasn’t had 14-15 years of possessions to go through. It would have been easier with less space, although there were still piles of books besides the bookcases.

So I’ve sorted through clothes and glassware and garden stuff. The biggie left is books. I’ve done a first clear out, but still think I have too many. Rather than buy an extra bookcase, and there will be space, in a couple of weeks Ill sort my books into categories and put on the shelves. I’m also going to keep a couple of boxes of interesting psychology/coaching books in the garage with a Christmas deadline before they too are gone.

A good number of my specialist books had the prices pencilled inside. I bought many over 10 years ago where I’d pay full price at a specialist book shop. With Amazon so many books are available for 0.01 and books I thought would be valuable, well, they aren’t. So, I wish them well on their journey to their next owner.

I’m also noticing things about myself, how I tend to scroll through social media while I’m watching TVs, I always like to multitask but I’m not sure this is such a good thing, so maybe I should mono task. I’ve come across on interesting article on the social internet instead of social media. You can read it here.


Published On: April 21st, 2018 / Categories: Clearing Clutter /

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