Could you be a 50 plus Intern?
Remember the film: The Intern? Robert De Niro played a 70 year old intern. Everyone else who worked for the e-commerce start-up was years younger than him but he fitted in well, sharing his professional expertise and also giving emotional and life support.

Many organisations are now hiring 50 plus interns, companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sach, IBM and more.
Becoming a 50 plus intern can be a good career move for those of us seeking to change career or to return after a career break or taking time out for health reasons. It could also be for people who retired and now want to return to work.

A 50 plus intern is more of a gentle return, getting some relevant experience, and building confidence.
You may think you are too old but you aren’t. Don’t see this as a negative; an organisation gets so much more from choosing a 50 plus Intern. Things such as

  • Greater experience
  • High levels of motivation and enthusiasm

We need to craft a careful application. As we apply we can make ourselves a good choice for becoming a 50 plus Intern by being clear on why we want this opportunity. Make it clear that you have considered your career path and can see how your background, or interest can support your application.

We can show we have prepared, that we have done our research and done some courses to increase our knowledge. There are lots of options from MOOCs to conferences, and if you are short of money you can always see if you can volunteer.

You must make it clear why you want this opportunity.

If becoming a 50 plus Intern is something that interests you, but you want help on where to focus and how to get your break, let’s talk. You can schedule an initial consultation using this link.

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