Why I had a professional photo shoot

We look at celebrities in the media and in magazines and they always look beautifully made up. We know they don’t look like this all the time, we’ve seen the candid photos in Heat Magazine, but still, we compare ourselves and wonder why we don’t look that good.

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Psychology of Weight Loss – what we say to ourselves is as important as what we eat

Psychology of weight loss
PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT LOSS. Losing weight is partly down to exercise and healthy eating but also down to what goes on in our heads, our inner monologue. As a morbidly obese psychologist I knew this but it took commitment to my goal of becoming fit and healthy before I applied what I knew to my own life and approach. This resulted in a drop in weight of 148 pounds, taking me down from 315 pounds to 167.
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How we change

Oh, how we change …

I’ve been tidying up and come across old passport photos. I’m sharing this under the Health and Wellbeing section. Part of this is around being comfortable with the ageing process.
The earliest one I have, and from 1992
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Not losing weight

Healthy Eating

When I posted my first article on health and well being I hoped for a positive story of how I’ve been losing weight and 3 weeks on I’m 7 pounds down.

I weigh the same.
And I’m disappointed. But I need to reframe this and see it as a positive. I’ve been eating healthy. I’m eating real food and have gone back to eating wholegrains.
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Deciding to lose weight

As we get older it can be harder to keep our weight in check. Its easy to decide to have an extra piece of cake, glass of wine, skip the gym session and before you know it you are a stone or more above where you want to be.
Ive previously lost over 10 stone in weight (147 pounds) but since breaking through the 12-stone barrier in December 2013 I continually battle with gaining a stone and a bit and losing it.
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I want to hear from you

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