Why I had a professional photo shoot

We look at celebrities in the media and in magazines and they always look beautifully made up. We know they don’t look like this all the time, we’ve seen the candid photos in Heat Magazine, but still, we compare ourselves and wonder why we don’t look that good.

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Lump Sum – save or spend, which is right for you?

Lump Sum - save or spend

At retirement you probably get the biggest lump sum you will ever receive, so what do you do with your Lump Sum – save or spend
The advice is to invest it, but we also need to think what is right for the individual.
My husband reached 60 about 18 months ago. He worked for Royal Mail and alongside a monthly pension he also got a lump sum of 3 times this annual pension.
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Imagine the Future – Kitchen Conversation 3

Imagine the future

Imagine the future. In this week’s Kitchen Conversation, I have a thoughtful exercise for you. Please watch the video to be clear on what I’d like you to do. I go into much more detail than the notes here.
In brief, it’s to imagine the future and to imagine the life you will have
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Appreciate Differences – stop making judgements and look for what we can learn from others

We need to appreciate differences – Viva La difference

We all make judgements at times. We look at someone and think they are scary, or boring. People we don’t have anything in common with, people that we want to avoid.
But we are more similar than we think.
Young people can take a fixed view of oldies and we can of them. We can all make assumptions. We can see something about how they are dressed, or personal characteristics and see them as different to us. Many times, we see this as a negative. However, often what we dislike about others reflects something in ourselves.
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Follow Your Dream – is it ever too late?

Follow Your Dream

Is it ever too late to follow your dream? I was on Radio Hereford and Worcester recently. The discussion was – “Is it ever too late to follow your dream?”. This followed on some research that the majority of teenage girls want to be popstars, film stars or athletes and will expect to have 3 careers. I was pleasantly surprised that for 20% they want to be politicians, it’s not only about being famous. The discussion then moved on to dreams we had when we were young – our teenage ambitions and what we wanted to do when we grow up.
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DJ Sumirock

Inspiration - DJ - 82 years old

… the 82-year-old Japanese woman who cooks by day and DJs by night.

She’s had a lot of press coverage recently

Japan is known for its ageing demographic, with people aged 65 and above making up 26.6 percent of the population in 2015.
A prime example of an active senior, Iwamuro plays to crowds mostly 60 years younger than she is at the DecaBarZ nightclub in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.
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The Mini Bucket List – create a list of what makes you happy

3 things make you happy

I want you to create a mini bucket list. You know about bucket lists – people write the things they want to do before they die. These are often to go on long and expensive trips, and fantastic challenges. They must do a sky dive etc.

Introducing the Mini Bucket List

But in life, its not just about the big things, little things can be wonderful so why not create a mini bucket list? Things such as

  • spending an hour talking with a friend
  • getting up to watch the sun rise
  • a walk in the country or at the seaside

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I love quality TV


I love quality TV nothing beats some of the Scandi-noir and other well produced shows available. I used to love The Good Wife, and never miss an episode of Game of Thrones.
I also watch trash, its part of my relaxation ritual, but Ive been watching too much so-so TV. You know the cop series that go on and on, following the formula Midsomer Murders, Criminal Minds and last night the spin off from Blacklist.
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Accepting a Challenge – Learning to brew beer

Wednesday 8th March was International Womans Day and I was given an opportunity to participate in a FemALE Brewery Experience Day at the Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cheltenham.

This event happened across the UK and the world. Our group was part of an event involving thousands of women across the world, all brewing a Unite Local beer, coordinated by Project Venus, a UK based group of female brewers who are passionate about supporting women in the brewing industry.
It was fun and worthwhile. I learnt a lot about beer and Ive got an idea for a new hobby.
I worked with a wonderful group of women from food bloggers to researchers, others working in local businesses, entrepreneurs and retired. We were all up for a challenge and new experience. Whether we are in our 20s or 60+ its great to learn something new.
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