Customised CV

You need a customised CV. However good your CV, it still need adapting for each job.
To set yourself up for success in your job search, you will need a customised CV and make minor adjustments to tailor your CV to each specific job you are targeting.
Start by copying your CV and renaming it like this: YOUR_NAME-Company_Name.doc
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You can get a job at 50+

People of all ages can struggle to get another job. When we are out of work, and need a job NOW, it is even more difficult.
When we are very committed to an outcome it comes through, people can feel and hear your desperation. It is when we want anything that we need to step back from the outcome. Same for people desperate for a relationship and going through online dating.
I read articles about people who have struggled to get a job at 50+. People who say they have applied for hundreds of jobs, applying for 20+ a week. Several a day.
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Are we not getting shortlisted because we are 50+? Or is there something else.

Too many times when I talk with both men and women over 50, they seem proud of their lack of technical confidence. But many of us at 50 and beyond embrace new technology. We have famous role models such as Susan Wojcicki, 50, CEO of YouTube and Ginni Rometty 61, chair, president and CEO of IBM.
We all need to consider how the job is changing and how we need to adapt. I remember 25 years ago when Directors had their emails printed out, dictated a reply and their secretary typed it out. When a new technology comes pout it is easy to leave it to younger colleagues, but the ability to use social media effectively is a requirement of many jobs now.
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Benefits of hiring older workers – older workers rock

A brilliant article on the benefits of hiring older workers.

Access it here.
Too many companies, especially the tech ones focus on recruiting millennials. FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said young people are smarter!
Research shows Gen Xers being recruited 33% times less, and baby boomers 60% less than millennials.
In this article by Kelly Palmer, for Market Watch she writes about the benefits of hiring older workers. On recruiting an editor in chief and how productive he was. He could make an impact based on his knowledge and skills.
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Transition to 60

Transition to 60 is different to transition to 50.

Back when I turned 50 I got into travel. I had 3 big holidays, and these were a major change from the standard all inclusive beach holidays to proper adventures. The Christmas before and after my birthday I went on small group back packing holidays with Intrepid to Northern India (Slowly down the Ganges) and Southern India. For my birthday I went on a camping safari in Namibia. These were low cost holidays, they needed to be, to do 3 big holidays in a year and exactly what I wanted. More about experiencing the new than luxury and drinking.
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Could you be a 50 plus Intern?

Could you be a 50 plus Intern?
Remember the film: The Intern? Robert De Niro played a 70 year old intern. Everyone else who worked for the e-commerce start-up was years younger than him but he fitted in well, sharing his professional expertise and also giving emotional and life support.
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Can you have a second act?

Our 50s can be the time many will rethink their career. With children left home, mortgage paid off and possibly the end of a marriage this is a time when some want to start a second act.
Moving home and looking on my book shelves I have several books on the topic of having a second act.
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growing wiser it's time

There comes a day, somewhere in the middle of every woman’s life, when Mother Nature herself stands behind us and wraps her arms around our shoulders, whispering

“It’s time”.

You have taken enough now. It’s time to stop growing up, stop growing older and start growing wiser and wilder.
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