Turning 60: older, wiser and finding myself part 3

28th May 2017

Im feeling my age – Im at a dance weekend where I need to concentrate on learning steps and Im now too tired to go back to the dance. Ive got pains in my wrist and my knee and generally tired. Such a shame.  I thought that I was keeping healthy but some things are beyond are control. My knee problems are partly down to being so over weight in the past, but if Id never lost weight Id probably be much worse. The wrist problems are something that may be down to hereditary as my mum has problems with her wrist but Ive seen a physiotherapist and he says that I dont have the start of arthritis. He has given me some exercises to do so hopefully this will help. He also said that one of the very small bones in my hand had popped out so popped it back in.
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