Is 60 a new beginning or a step to decline?

50 seemed like a major turning point, but I was active, just got into adventurous travel and work was a central part of my life. I had years ahead
But 60 more of a milestone. I think 80 is old, so that means 20 years left. Would I be able to do everything I want to do?
But what if I don’t have 20 years? What if my health declines and I find myself unable to do the things I want?
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Transition to 60

Transition to 60 is different to transition to 50.

Back when I turned 50 I got into travel. I had 3 big holidays, and these were a major change from the standard all inclusive beach holidays to proper adventures. The Christmas before and after my birthday I went on small group back packing holidays with Intrepid to Northern India (Slowly down the Ganges) and Southern India. For my birthday I went on a camping safari in Namibia. These were low cost holidays, they needed to be, to do 3 big holidays in a year and exactly what I wanted. More about experiencing the new than luxury and drinking.
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Turning Points – Madonna at 60

I spoke with a journalist last week and I’ve had good media coverage in Waitrose Weekend. My comments relate to Madonna Turning 60.

We tend to review life at these major birthdays as we transition from one decade to another, and ideally it is a time to look back and see how far we have come, to celebrate our successes and make positive plans for the future.

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Can you have a second act?

Our 50s can be the time many will rethink their career. With children left home, mortgage paid off and possibly the end of a marriage this is a time when some want to start a second act.
Moving home and looking on my book shelves I have several books on the topic of having a second act.
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Transitions – I’m passing through two of life’s major transitions moving home and separating from a partner. Both transitions can lead to stress and overwhelm. The end of a relationship especially can lead to strong feelings sadness, guilt and more.

If I look back over the past months I haven’t stopped. There have been deep discussions, counselling sessions and the never-ending task of downsizing a home, along with finding somewhere new to live. There is the stress of will anything go wrong with the sale and purchase of a property, are you making the right choice, will the furniture fit!
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Going Grey – Embracing our natural hair colour, part 2

This is the second of a series of posts as I share my transition to embracing grey my natural hair colour. Read the first post here

This was me 6 weeks on and just back from a cut and blow dry. I’ve changed hairdressers and used to pay 116GBP for a colour, cut and finish. Yes, it was an expensive hairdressers but this time it was only 27GBP. The money I’ll save over a year will pay for a holiday – yey! I’m saving 89GBP every 6 weeks which is 771GBP per year and would have cost even more if I’d switched to foils.
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Expedition Sailing on a small ship with Noble Caledonia


I love adventures going beyond a holiday to see more or learn more.

I want to travel and find stories to share and memories for when I’m older. Mainly this has been group holidays with companies such as Exodus and Intrepid or having a company help us to create a private holiday.
I’ve never been interested in cruises – being on a floating hotel where the evening entertainment seems high priority and with expensive shore excursions by large coach. I hadn’t realised there was a different option; to travel on a small ship with less than a hundred passengers but I found this with Noble Caledonia.
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You look good for your age?

You look good for your age

You look good for your age?

I’m regularly told I look young for my age. People are amazed when I tell them I’m 60 and I could probably pass for 50. But is it a complement to be told you look good for your age and what is the right way to look for your age? Are they judging me by my skin, my clothes, my attitude. All of these contribute to how we appear to others.
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60+ Reflections on a milestone birthday

60+ Reflections

2 weeks on from my birthday and Im surprised how much Im thinking about my age.

I wonder if other people feel the same when they reach a milestone, although I cant remember having these feelings at 40 or 50.
Whilst still active I am noticing changes. Here are some of my 60+ Reflections:
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