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I’ve contributed to an article published in Saga Magazine. I’m so pleased to have been asked to provide 10 tips to land your dream job in later life, and to provide a list of resources. Here are the 1st 5 tips I share, and you can read more in the magazine.

  1. Be clear WHY you want to return to work

Is it for the money, your pension isnt enough to meet your needs? Or for companionship? you enjoy the camaraderie from work? Perhaps you want to develop yourself and learn and earn. Being clear on why will make research easier.
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Thinking about Pensions

Pension Discussion

Personal Pensions

At 50+ we should be thinking about our pensions, being clear on how much we will have to enable us to plan for our future. Ive recently had a meeting with Pension Wise to find out more about my options. I hadn’t realised I had 6 choices:
1: Leave my pot untouched
2: Buy an annuity
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Unemployed but saying no to a job offer, why?

Saying No

I was reading on an American web site that 92% of unemployed workers who have been offered a job have turned it down. Some people may wonder why, but its almost always down to low pay.
Unemployment benefit may be low, and many aren’t entitled to anything, but if you have been earning 40k would you want to take on a job paying less than 15k?
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I want to hear from you

Let me introduce you to the blog; if anything resonates, I’d love you to comment. Click on the title to leave your comment, I read every one.

The Difficult Boss

The Difficult Boss
I’ve got a difficult boss is something I hear quite regularly and I follow up by asking the person to tell me more. We are different and your difficult boss could be perfect for someone else.
Let’s look at some different situations:
1. Does your boss have a point? Is there some grounds to the criticism? Are you working effectively and meeting your work objectives or are you beginning to coast? Have you started making personal calls in work time and done too much personal browsing online? Try and be objective on your behaviour and check that your performance is seen as effective. Ask people you know for some candid feedback.
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