Thinking of creating a business?

Did you know the average age of a successful startup founder is 45?
Whilst Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were all in their early twenties when they created their business, research of US business founders found the average age of creating a new business to be 42. But new business is not necessarily going to be a world renowned organisation, it can include small businesses run by owner managers.
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Could you work from home?

As we move on in life there may be thoughts of retirement, but we let them pass us by. We want to continue working, but maybe to do something different.

It could be a new job with a new company, but it could also be to work from home, to go for a more flexible approach to work. Maybe to work part time rather than 5 full on days. This is something I love the flexibility of working from home.
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Find Work at 50+

Find work at 50+

Written for the 50+ audience, the book is relevant to people of all ages. It brings all my knowledge of job search right up-to-date and my publisher has laid things out beautifully.

Access your free 20 page sample of Find Work at 50+ by signing up to my 50+ mailing list.

You will also get access to relevant tips and articles to help the prime job seeker by more successful.

Read a book review here – 50+ Book review and more on Amazon

Download the full contents list. 50+ Contents page or see below:

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Using MOOCs – for professional development


MOOC stands for Massive, Open, Online Courses (Moocs)

Massive because millions sign up for these, world-wide
Open because most are free, and you dont have to have specific qualifications to sign up (although sometimes a particular background is recommended).
Online and available on the web via your phone as well as on your computer.
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Life in balance at 60+

Life in balance at 60+

Life in balance at 60+ starts in our 50s.

We read that 60 is the new 50, and in some ways, I agree, many of us maintain an active lifestyle and an interest in how we look that wasn’t as commonplace 50 or more years ago. Partly as people had harder lives, working both inside and outside the home. But now … Life in balance at 60+ could be the goal for most of us.
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The over 50s entrepreneur – Get great tips here

Over 50s entrepreneur

The over 50s entrepreneur.

Why your fifties are the best time to become an entrepreneur.

Think of an entrepreneur and you may think of the people with the big business idea, set to pitch their idea to the dragons/sharks on TV. But its not just about the vision to create a large company.
Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, this can be to produce something and also to offer a service. As an entrepreneur we invest our money, take the risks with the hope of making a profit. We aren’t paid a salary and come up with the business idea ourselves. Its not only about making a massive profit, its also about personal fulfilment.
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Mid life – a new start in midlife

new start in midlife

Sandra is fed up. Like many women in midlife she has prioritised her children and given them a really great start in life, she lives in a great location for families but now the youngest has left for university it’s time to think about her. She wants a new start in midlife.

She contacted me as she had so many questions including
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Changing Jobs when you are over 50

Changing Jobs when you are over 50

We change careers at all ages, but there is something around changing jobs when you are over 50 that makes it important to get things right.

People will question why – so we need to make it clear why we are considering changing jobs when you are over 50.
We need to come from a position of planning and clarity, not panic.
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How to find a job over 50

Not quite ready to call it a day when it comes to work? You’re not alone. Maybe your company pension kicked in at 60 but, after six months of gardening and finishing off the DIY chores, you want to get out and earn some extra cash?

How to find a job over 50

1. Be clear on what you want to do

Don’t be vague when thinking about getting a job. Consider:
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Personality How well do you know yourself?


There is the information that is obvious height, job title, our way to approach stressful situations but there is a lot that we dont know, a lot to do with our personality.
Does it matter that we dont know?
I think so. The more that we understand ourselves, our personality, the easier we find it to deal with other people.
Understanding our personality means that we understand the situations where we will be at our best, and at our worst. It helps with the way we work, and we know the sorts of tasks and situations that allow us to be us. Understanding our personality allows us to have better relationships with others and so much more.
We then have a choice
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