Have you seen these toilet night lights? I have begun to notice these on sale and wondered what they would be like. I love colour changing lights, and the thought of having these in my loo … I wanted one and my mum wanted one too.
I bought online via Amazon.
I have Amazon Prime and I’m used to getting things delivered the next day; this took a few days but it wasn’t time critical. Well packaged and reasonably clear instructions. As the light comes on via motion sensor you need to place it so it noticed movement – at first I was being too subtle and having it hidden. I’ve got it with a fixed colour – first blue, currently green but haven’t yet got it cycling through the colours.
It was well packaged with a short USB cable to you can recharge.
It’s great, to into the bathroom at night time and there is a light glow coming from the loo – lift up the loo and the room is bathed in coloured light. I’m happy with the setting I chose but it will change to 3 levels of brightness.
About to order one for my mum – an unusual mothers day present!


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