random acts of kindness


  1. Thank you Denise for the timely reminder that if we appreciate what we have sharing is a privilege that brings pleasure to all. I was the beneficiary of a great act of kindness by a member of BA staff in 2009, all these years later it makes me feel lucky, happy and eternally grateful. I try to make a habit of many of the things on your list, as we are what we do, and I notice when I don’t and realise I am not being the person I would like to be, and whilst I don’t need to beat myself up, its a missed opportunity to make someone smile, or stop the litter piling up. The simplest gift is a smile and giving your attention to the moment. The world would be a more beautiful place if we just smiled.

  2. Send your gran or another elderly relative or friend a postcard every month. You could even do the address and stamps ahead on a few. Then they’re ready to post if you have a busy month, after you write a quick few sentences.

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