I’ve been asked to trialPure Green Coffee Detox and if you are interested in getting the free trial you can use the links below to sign up.
This is an interim blog post, and I’ll include an update at the end of the pack. I’m on 2 bags a day.

Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Program #10

The coffee is nicely packaged with a foil lined container within the outer box. The coffee has a pleasant smell and is in nice bags.
I found it had a bit of a bitter taste and preferred it with milk. It’s meant to be good for me so will note any changes.
The info says to just take 2 bags a day – I stopped drinking other coffee at home, going back to earl grey tea, hot or cold water, but did have the odd coffee out as I met with friends.
What I mainly continued to get was sludge in the bottom of my mug. If I kept a spoon in my mug it was ok but I did keep forgetting. To make sure that I didn’t lose any of the goodness I added a little bit of hot water at the end.
I’m taking this because of the advertising:

  • BURNS FAT faster than normal green coffee powder, with the addition of the herb Coleus Forskohlii, a slimming aid that helps improve digestion. 28 Bags
  • WEIGHT LOSS AID and maintain weight after losing it alongside an active healthy lifestyle.
  • FAST RESULTS reduces bloating, boosts metabolism and perfect for a detox
  • BOOSTS ENERGY using natural caffeine and herbal ingredients. Packed in individual coffee bags
  • ORGANIC AND NATURAL full of antioxidants and hydrating, great for skin, wellbeing and increases vitality.


I’ll be adding an update at the end of my trial.

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