When I posted my first article on health and wellbeing, I hoped for a positive story of how I’ve been losing weight and 3 weeks on I’m 7 pounds down.


I weigh the same.

And I’m disappointed. But I need to reframe this and see it as a positive. I’ve been eating healthy. I’m eating real food and have gone back to eating wholegrains.

I know I can lose weight if I drastically reduce calories – but quickly lost, quickly gained.

Cut out the carbs and I lose 3 pounds in a couple of days but eat carbs again and it goes back on. So, it’s not a proper weight loss.

I’m following a diet eating around 1500-1700 calories a day of proper food. If I hadn’t had a few days where I’ve eaten cake, ice cream, drunk wine etc., I’d probably be a couple of pounds down. And I have had illness – pains in my wrist and knee which have interfered with exercise.

I’m feeling better this week, but I’m going to leave it till Easter before I weigh myself again. I should not be driven by the weight on the scale, and instead focus on regaining healthy habits.

If you would like to know more about my healthy eating plan, I’m following a 30-day challenge with Scott Baptie, this cost 27 and I’ve found the recipes and online community very helpful. He also has some great podcasts including one with Ben Carpenter – my first personal trainer. He talks about why we are not losing fat. Some very good tips.

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