When you are no longer a couple you need to adjust and take on some of the things that your partner used to do. Its a time to learn new things and for personal growth.
In many relationships we divide up the tasks and get better at different things. Its a bit like as our children grow up; if we continue to do their ironing they will never learn.

Alas I let my ex do all the car maintenance tasks and home maintenance tasks. These were things that I learnt to do after my first marriage ended, and was able to put flat pack furniture together, check the oil etc. But, a new relationship and we dropped back into traditional roles.
I need to learn some DIY skills. Ive started small changing light bulbs and adding lampshades. Ive managed to remove a thing that stopped my bathroom window opening properly. Ill be hanging some pictures next just wish Id kept a spirit level we had 3! I’m sure I’ll find a video on YouTube for most of the things I need to do.
Learning new skills could be done via volunteering. Just like I encourage young people to volunteer to get skills for their CV, so too can learning skills via volunteering help give us confidence; a sense of purpose alongside meeting new people.
I have started volunteering at my local theatre The Playhouse, Cheltenham. I started with being an usher and will work in the bar in a week or so. I’m really interested in learning to work on the sound desk. Ive already met the main sound guy, and hes talked me through what to do. I also shadowed him on one performance of My Fair Lady. In the autumn I’ll get involved with the rehearsals. And once Ive settled Ill find out more about the software used. More will come on this.
Being an usher is good I meet volunteers and I like being helpful with the public, but the sound engineering role will be great stretch me to learn something new and give me a new area of knowledge. I can’t wait!
Whether you are living alone, or happily together, what new things are you learning? I’d love to hear from you on my blog.

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