Loving Life at 50+

The website is now live and Ive got my first subscribers, welcome.

At our age, I want us to do more of what we want to do, and much less of what we feel we ought to do. This website is something Ive created with underlying joy. Ive learnt a lot about creating websites, working with my designer to set up sub sites to tie in with books and other ideas. But this time this is something I am going to love to focus on.
I want to inspire you, and perhaps my approach will help you. I had this vision, used my skills, and bought in the skills I dont have and here it is. And I made it happen fast. Why hang about when you have a vision?
Ill be writing under 4 main areas
[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Health and well being
[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Careers
[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Relationships
[icon name=”bullseye” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Inspiration
I could have more sections, but think it will be easier for you, and me to keep to these themes. Inspiration will be around topics to make you think, including learning more about ourselves and how we can grow and develop.
What I want is to hear from you, how you feel about the life challenges you are experiencing. Many of these will be for the good, but some may be a little darker, and I think we should address these too. And we may want another section. Nothing is fixed, Im open to developing, all to the good.
You can help me too by telling your friends. The more people of our age who sign up, the greater impact I can have.

I have so many ideas and I want to have impact, I’m so pleased to have you here. Anything you would like me to write about? Make a note below


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