A good night’s sleep is important. We need it to restore and refresh. But some ladies get concerned, what if they relax too much and leak – it can be embarrassing.
I’m proud to be associated with Tena and to share details on the TENA Lady’s night-time range. These products can be helpful to the 61% of women who experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives. And if you worry about leaks or need to get up in the night it can disrupt our sleep and affect our health.

Tena Lady Mini Night comes with Triple Protection and provide extra security when lying down. These a high level of absorption to keep you dry and the Fresh Odour Control gives you confidence. These are great for medium bladder weakness at night.
If you need more support, there is TENA Lady Maxi Night with Triple protection. These come with extra length and width and a higher level of absorption. They also have the Fresh Odour Control to give you confidence.
And if you prefer pants there is the TENA Lady Pants Night that looks like underwear and provides extra security at night.

With a good night’s sleep, you are more likely to dream, and some things would be helpful:

Get in the mood for sleep with some Night Time tea bags, from Pukka with oat flower, lavender and lime flower. Much better for you than caffeinated tea or coffee.
It might also be helpful to put some sleep spray on your pillow, with a gorgeous smell it will help lull you to the land of nod. And you can hang up a Dream catcher to make sure your dreams are positive.
When we wake we can capture our dreams in a dream journal – probably a notebook beside your bed is the best option so you can write straight away, but you could also type this up. We often wonder what our dreams mean so a book on how to interpret dreams can be helpful.

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