Congratulations to Tena Lady discreet

Tena Lady Discreet can be helpful for any of us ladies who need that bit of extra protection; it helps to build our confidence.
I was so pleased to learn it has won product of the year – well done Tena!
And to celebrate their success they sent me flowers, how lovely they are, and what a lovely thought.


Weight Loss Diary week 3

Good news, I have lost 4 pounds this week through measurement of food and so brisk walking.

Watch the video for my update. And thanks for watching, it is keeping me focused.

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Weight Loss Diary – Week 2

Weight Loss

For many of the people I know, an active lifestyle is important we don’t want to go into old age with health and mobility problems. I appreciate that for some people it’s down to genetics, but for many who suffer these problems it has been a result of lifestyle issues.
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Weight Loss Diary – week 1

Kitchen Conversation

I’ve put on weight and I’m annoyed – why did I let this happen. I intend to hold myself accountable, and a weekly blog post will help. This video is focused on my goal of losing weight, but can also be relevant of any goal you may have. I’d love to read your comments below.
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You look good for your age?

You look good for your age

You look good for your age?

I’m regularly told I look young for my age. People are amazed when I tell them I’m 60 and I could probably pass for 50. But is it a complement to be told you look good for your age and what is the right way to look for your age? Are they judging me by my skin, my clothes, my attitude. All of these contribute to how we appear to others.
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Doing Too Much – Have you got Rushing Woman Syndrome?

Rushing woman

Do you have Rushing Woman Syndrome?

Life is busy I fit a lot in and sometimes try to do too much.In the past week I’ve fallen over three times, once I tripped over the vacuum cleaner cable as I dashed around the house, another time I changed direction on the street, didn’t look where I was going and fell into a man who was also rushing. Then I tripped in my Zumba class. Ive got the legs of a 7 year old various shades of orange, black and blue.Continue reading

I'm going on a Tena Adventure …

I’ve been asked if I would like to go on adventure with TENA.

I’ve got a ticket for myself and my husband to visit Go Ape, as my Tena Adventure. We will be there on a nice day. I’ve always been scared of heights, but after climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in late December last year I’m up for doing it this year.

I expected to get a voucher in the post. I hadn’t expected a box of goodies. Look what they sent me.
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Dance your way to a healthy brain

Dance your way to a healthy brain. Learning anything new is good for our brain, for me its dancing not only am I learning new dance steps, but its sociable too.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some evidence from Patrick Muller from the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Magdeburg, Germany on how you can dance your way to a healthy brain.

Dance classes may beat traditional exercise when it comes to improving older adults’ balance and it might enhance brain areas related to memory and learning along the way.

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Be more active – 25% of people aged over 65 do no exercise

be more active

We need to be more active: 25% of people aged over 65 do no exercise and that’s why they are more susceptible to falls.

The need to be more active was on the news this morning, and a message we hear regularly. So why don’t people do exercise why don’t people seek to be more active? One way all of us used to use our strength was in carrying shopping, they say, but I think there’s still a difference between walking from the shops or getting off the bus with 2 heavy bags and pushing our trolley to the car. Even worse is shopping online.
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